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Thank you, HVZ Volunteers!

We are no longer taking on new volunteers for the 2021 season in the following roles: Gate Greeting, Wildlife Champion, or Animal Handling. Thank you so much to all our wonderful volunteers who have been, and continue to, help us every single day in making our Zoo beautiful, welcoming and fun in these roles. We will be recruiting for these roles for the 2022 season (March-October) in January of next year.

Even if the role you want isn’t currently available, we’d still love to hear from you! We’re always happy to give you more information and help you decide if volunteering at Henry Vilas Zoo is right for you. We can also include you on our volunteer email so you stay up-to-date on events, trainings, animal news and other volunteer opportunities.

Want to volunteer with us between seasons?
You can!

Are you looking to volunteer in the fall/winter? We have several events coming up that we’ll need a lot of help with. Events are a great, flexible opportunity for both individuals and groups to get involved with HVZ with no minimum shift requirements! Check out our event volunteer section to learn more.

Volunteering Presentations

Are you part of a group that wants to know more about Zoo volunteering? Let us know! We can attend one of your group Zooms to talk about what it’s like being a volunteer at HVZ, the different roles we have available and how to get started. We can gear presentations to any age, and are happy to work with you to fit your scheduling needs.