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Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

Educators, please use these supplemental lesson plans and resources when you bring your class to the zoo.
Each lesson plan is aligned with WI and National Science Standards (WSS and NGSS).

We have virtual program options available! Schedule an animal-themed, or career-themed, virtual program with us today!

Empathy Field Trip Guides

Students build empathy and compassion for wildlife through observing and understanding animal behavior. Empathy towards animals is an important building block for learning to take conservation action.

Early Elementary (Grades K-1st)

Middle Elementary (Grades 2nd-3rd)

Late Elementary (Grades 4th-5th)

Exhibit Specific Lessons

Wisconsin Heritage Lesson (Grade 4)

Supplemental Worksheets for WI Heritage Lesson

Arctic Passage Lesson (Grade 4)

Note: This unit will fit well at the end of a unit on energy and conservation.

Arctic Passage Lesson (Grade 5)

Interested in scheduling a Wild Encounters animal ambassador presentation during your visit or bringing the zoo to your school or organization? Check out our Critter Connections and Zoo-to-You programs for more information.

We have virtual program options available!

More Resources from our Partners

Our partner organizations have created a wealth of Teacher Resources as well! Check them out below!

Polar Bears International

Red Panda Network

Avery and Masa, Protectors of the Endangered

Celebrating Africa’s Giants