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Volunteer FAQs


  • What is the process for starting volunteering?
    • Complete a volunteer inquiry form (link to form here). From there you will:
      • Be added to our email list
      • Attend an informational meeting on volunteer roles
      • Apply
      • Receive your schedule, including your first day, and begin preparing for your role with our online orientation and onsite training
      • Come in for your first day! Meet HVZ staff who will get you a shirt/nametag. Volunteer with a staff member or other volunteer until you feel comfortable on your own.
  • What if I can only volunteer a few times?
    • You can still complete a volunteer inquiry form (link to form here). Each week you’ll receive the HVZ Volunteer Update with one-time event volunteer opportunities. Sign up or reach out should you be interested in any of them.
  • Do you accept volunteers under the age of 10?
    • Although our age cut-off is 10, we do sometimes make exceptions for 9 year-olds whose birthdays fall early enough in the season.
  • Do parents/guardians volunteer with their 10-13 year old?
    • Yes! Parents/Guardians go through the same training as every other volunteer.

Working with animals

  • Can volunteers work behind the scenes with animal care staff (i.e. diet prep, cleaning, etc.)?
    • We don’t currently offer behind-the-scenes work. Volunteers looking to interact more with our keepers can take advantage of our Lunch & Learn opportunities throughout the year. These hour-long sessions with HVZ staff often include animal care staff and are an excellent way to learn more about zoos, animals and conservation.