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Otter Pup-Dates!

Good things really do come in threes!

In otter news, we are thrilled to announce the birth of three otterly adorable North American river otters. The pups, two males and one female, were born on February 15 to first time parents, Elva and Dragonroll. Named Lily, Montello, and Fisher, the pups were named after rivers in Wisconsin. Read the full birth announcement here.

Otter Baby Registry


Three baby otters sleeping in a bowl

Our otter enrichment wishlist is full of items to encourage natural behaviors for these pups as they grow! Enrichment helps satisfy both the physical and psychological needs of animals. In the wild, animals must find food, build a home, defend their territory, and escape predators. In Zoos, the majority of an animals’ needs are provided, which is why it is essential to provide other methods of physical and mental stimulation to encourage natural behaviors. Enrichment helps encourage behaviors similar to what would be seen in the wild and it also helps keep the animals’ minds active, stimulated and healthy.