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Keeper Chats and Activities


While the zoo is closed, keep in touch with Henry Vilas Zoo’s keepers and animals with Virtual Zookeeper Chats. Chats are live on Facebook several days a week at 2pm, and will be posted here afterwards along with related activities you can do at home.

Join us for some virtual fun!




Polar Bear

Bactrian Camel

Capybara (Earth Day)

African Lions

Rhinoceros Iguana



Check out more fun resources and activities from the Rainforest Alliance.

White Handed Gibbons

Kaiser’s Mountain Newts

Grizzly Bears

April 1st Mystery Mammal!

Seals and Seafood – See where our seafood gets delivered and watch our seals get fed!

Tawny Frogmouth – Keeper Wesley introduces you to Hagrid, our tawny frogmouth!

Tiger – Keepers Katie and Beth show you what it’s like to go behind the scenes with our newest big cat – tiger Kuza!

Red Pandas – Join zookeeper Tara to learn about Tai and Terrei, our red pandas!

Helmeted Curassows – Zookeeper Emily introduces you to our newest Aviary residents, the curassows!

At Home Activity – Bug Hunt!
Curassows love to dig and search for insects to eat. Go to your backyard or a neighborhood park, and turn over logs and leaves. Can you find any insects underneath?

Bison – Join our zookeeper, Taylor, and our animal curator, Beth, as they introduce us to the newest member of the Henry Vilas Zoo family, Wilma the bison!

African Penguins – Get an update on our African penguin chicks and learn more about these endangered animals!

At Home Activity – Build a penguin fort!
African penguins nest in burrows. Get some blankets and cushions and build your own penguin burrow.