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Holla for the Chuckwalla!

Where are the Chuckwallas?

Take this survey to see where our chuckwallas have been!

Data from guests can help us take great care of our chuckwallas, knowing the spaces they prefer to spend their time and learning how they navigate their habitat throughout the day. 

Chuckwallas are desert-dwelling reptiles native to North America that have adapted remarkably to arid environments. They have many great adaptations that help them survive the harsh desert conditions. Chuckwallas have a unique strategy for movement, instead of moving quickly they excel at camouflage, utilizing their rough-textured scales to blend seamlessly with the surrounding rocks. They can also effortlessly tuck themselves into crevices and narrow spaces between rocks, further enhancing their stealth skills. This impressive camouflage makes them challenging to locate, so be sure to look carefully!