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Animal Zoo-vement


It’s now more important than ever to make sure you’re staying active. Check out some fun animal-themed movement – or Zoo-vement – activities you can do at home! Check back as we continue adding activities to this page.

Join us for some virtual fun!

View our Lemur Keeper Chat and then find out what life would be like without opposable thumbs.

View our Skunk Keeper Chat and then do a fun scent activity!

Do some stretches just like our zoo animals! Take some time for Animal Yoga today

View our Gibbon Keeper Chat and then create a forest maze in your hallway

View our Red Panda Keeper Chat and then see how you do with our Branch Hop Activity

Be like a red panda! (Tails and ears, optional.)

View our Penguin Keeper Chat and then try your hand at building a fort

African penguins nest in burrows. Get some blankets and cushions and build your own penguin burrow!

How tall can you make your burrow?
How many entrances do you have?
Can you make more than one burrow and then connect them together?
Share your penguin burrow pictures with us on Instagram or Facebook (tag us @henryvilaszoo)!