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Animal Arts and Crafts


Get creative and make some animal art. Check back as we continue adding animal art activities to this page.

Join us for some virtual fun!

View our Otter keeper chat and have fun with some creative rain painting

View our Lion keeper chat and then craft a lion and its mane out of playdough and spaghetti noodles

View our Rhino Iguana keeper chat and then create an adorable iguana out of a toilet paper tube!

View our Macaw keeper chat and then create some fun bird art!

View our Mystery Animal (Kaiser’s mountain newt) keeper chat and then do a matching game!

View our Seal Keeper Chat and then draw your own seal or make some ice cube art!

View our Tiger Keeper Chat and then make a tiger mask!

View our Bison Keeper Chat and then print and color your own bison headband!

Be the bison. Eat your greens!