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AAD Mentor


AAD Mentors are leaders in our education and volunteer programs. Working closely with our Education and Animal Care staff, Mentors work with other AAD volunteers to train and advise them on their animal handling skills.

“Just seeing the kids faces light up when they get that close to some of these animals is so memorable and lovely.”

Pat, Animal Ambassador Docent Mentor


  • See Animal Ambassador Docent responsibilities
  • Teach and evaluate new and experienced AADs on animal handling skills and knowledge
  • Keep up-to-date on current HVZ ambassador animal guidelines
  • Possible: train & mentor new Wildlife Champions and potential new AADs
Volunteering For All

See Animal Ambassador Docent

Requirements & Skills
  • See Animal Ambassador Docent
  • Able to clearly communicate HVZ guidelines and handling techniques in a variety of ways
  • Patience
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Able to observe and give constructive feedback

  • See Animal Ambassador Docent
  • Approval by HVZ Education Staff
  • Tier Check-offs: Must be checked off on Tier 1 animals and the majority of Tier 2 animals

Time Commitment
  • 12-16hrs/mo: Mentors commit to a weekly shift of 3-4hrs for one year.
  • Mentors spend much of the year helping to train and check-off AAD’s. They may also take a portion of the summer to train in and check off Wildlife Champions &/or aspiring AAD’s.


All of these trainings are available as refreshers at any point upon request.

See Animal Ambassador Docent

  • Evaluation with Education Staff

Attendance Policy

Attendance: Because staff, volunteers and program participants depend on this role for training and check-offs, it is imperative that any Mentor be available for the majority of their scheduled year. Interested volunteers should be in close communication with HVZ Education Staff regarding availability and dates.

AAD Mentor Application

Applications for AAD Mentors are available upon request from the HVZ Education Manager or Education Outreach Coordinator.