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Train & Carousel Volunteer


Operate Train and Carousel, as directed by the daily supervisor on duty, to ensure a safe and fun guest experience. Unless otherwise approved by Volunteer Department volunteers must be willing/able to perform responsibilities of all positions.

Shift Times

9:30 am – 1:00 pm (4) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm (4) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (Breaks will be coordinated by the Supervisor on duty.)

Time Commitment

A minimum of a twice monthly commitment is required. Minimum season-long commitment is 25 hours. Must be available for the entire shift.

Age Requirement

Must be 18 years of age or older
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General Tasks:

  • Happily greet & welcome Zoo guests
  • Always be pleasant to guests; smiles go a long way!
  • Know the rules of the rides forward and backward; maintaining a focus on safety.
  • Assist with ride set up, cleanup and maintenance before, during or after shift
  • Volunteers are expected to be available for all four volunteer roles
  • Communicate with Supervisor on duty as needed in emergency, in case of maintenance needs, etc
  • Maintain focus on Henry Vilas Zoo customer service standards

General Responsibilities (Operations Procedures outline details):

All Positions

  • Assist with clean-up procedures before, during or after shifts

Train Engineer

  • Drive Train
  • Assist in Loading of Passengers
  • Communicate Required Safety Messages

Train Conductor

  • Greet Waiting Guests
  • Take Tokens
  • Help Load Train

Carousel Operator

  • Operate Carousel
  • Remain Within Reach of Emergency Shut-off Button During Ride Operation
  • Take Tokens
  • Greet Guests at Entrance and Exit of Ride


  • Sell tokens & 6-ride passes using Square
  • As time allows, share details about Henry Vilas Zoological Society membership


  • Must be able to stand for mid-length periods and walk short distances throughout a 3.5 hour shift. Train volunteers must be able to tolerate warm, sunny weather and cool weather. (train doesn’t operate in rainy weather)
  • Friendly & conscientious
  • Ability to closely follow established guidelines
  • Outgoing, patient & self-confident
  • Enjoys children


General orientation and specific training with daily supervisor. Will need to be signed off on the checklist of responsibilities. Additional training may be provided by supervisor on-duty as-needed


Volunteer outside at the Zoo, meet new friends, help create lasting memories for Zoo guests, experience in operating amusement rides, joy of “thrilling” volunteer t-shirt, volunteer nametag, recognition event(s)

Reports To

Henry Vilas Zoo Volunteer Department and Daily Supervisor