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Henry The Lion’s Assistant


Assist the mascot around the zoo acting as their eyes and ears. Work with Henry to greet Zoo guests and provide them with a fun and engaging experience at the zoo*

*During COVID: This role is currently on hold

Shift Times

10am – Noon daily. Also other times as requested that may include special on-grounds and community events.

Time Commitment

A minimum of a twice monthly commitment is required. Minimum season-long commitment is 25 hours.

Age Requirement

Minimum age 14
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  • Happily engage with Zoo guests by guiding Henry around the Zoo
  • Provide verbal communication to Henry telling him where people are coming from since he can’t see well.
  • Encourage the guests to approach Henry, give high-fives, dance with Henry or take pictures as Henry is unable to talk.
  • Repeat conversation and questions to Henry as it’s hard to hear while in the costume.
  • Hand out stickers to guests after their visit with Henry


  • Able to stand for 2 hours at a time
  • Able to work outside in all weather spring-fall (except in hazardous or overly-cold situations)
  • Able to provide direction to Henry both in navigation and communication
  • Ability to have fun
  • Friendly and engaging personality
  • Able to stay calm in an emergency situation


General orientation, specific training and mentored shift.


Volunteer outside at the Zoo, meet new friends, help create lasting memories for Zoo guests, volunteer t-shirt, volunteer nametag, recognition event(s).

Reports To

Henry Vilas Zool Volunteer Department