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Riders Wanted

We are gearing up to re-open the carousel and we want your help! Have you always wanted a giant cutout of your favorite photo? Maybe it’s your child, or your pet, or your favorite houseplant. Now your favorite photo can help us fill in the seats we have to keep empty on the carousel to ensure proper social distancing and let us re-open!

We’ve been looking forward to re-opening the Children’s Zoo and getting the carousel open is our first step! We wanted a fun way to maintain proper social distancing when we re-open and wanted to invite you to help us out!

For $100 we will produce a large (approximately 24×36 inch) cutout of your photo to fill the empty carousel seats. Your cutout will be on display for one month, after which time you may come and pick up your cutout. These photos are a fun way to let anyone be a carousel rider for a month!

Cutouts will be available for pickup at the carousel during regular business hours. All cutouts not picked up after two weeks will be recycled.

The carousel will re-open to the public on Friday, March 5th. Stay tuned for more details!