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Access & Equity

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As part of our ongoing effort to form a better understanding of who is coming to the Zoo, and what barriers prevent people from accessing the Zoo, we teamed up with Dane County Parks to conduct an evaluation. With support from the Office of the Dane County Board, we began working with Keen Independent Research to conduct a full evaluation using a racial and social equity lens, and provide recommendations for strategies and actions to advance racial and social equity and access to Dane County Parks and Henry Vilas Zoo.

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Como parte de este estudio, Keen Independent Research está solicitando la opinión y comentarios de los visitantes y no visitantes de los Parques y el Zoológico. Los resultados ayudarán a desarrollar recomendaciones que guíen al Condado a mejorar el acceso a sus instalaciones, terrenos, propiedades y programas, y que llegue a convertirse en un lugar más inclusivo, equitativo y racialmente justo para todos.

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As part of this study, Keen Independent will perform in-depth qualitative and quantitative research to assist the County in forming a better understanding of the demographics of who is and is not utilizing its public spaces, and why. The goal of this project is to develop recommendations for how the County can improve access to its facilities, lands, properties and programs, and ultimately become a more inclusive, equitable and racially just place for all. Learn more and access fact sheets about this project in English, Spanish and Hmong on the project website linked below.