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Spring Break Camp


Look for Registration Information on Spring Break Camp 2021 in February!

We’ve made our Spring Break Camp flexible to fit your schedule. You get the best deal and the most exciting experiences if you sign up for the whole week, but you can also sign up for individual days or topics.

Zoo Conservation Club Members receive a 10% discount on all camps.

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1st – 3rd Grade Topics
Animal Ages, Animal Stages:
Animals go through many changes throughout their life from baby to adult and everything in between. We are taking the week to learn all about different animal stages and how they change as they age. Pick your favorite day or join us for the whole week!
Monday Egg-stravaganza!
Soft, hard, round, or jelly – eggs come in different shapes and sizes! In this camp we will get to meet some animals that hatch out of eggs up close and go behind the scenes to see where we take care of some of our egg-laying animals.
TuesdayAnimal Babies
Baby animals are adorable but also a lot of work! Join us in learning about the youngest members of our zoo, and go behind the scenes to see where we would take care of babies here at the zoo.
Wednesday A Year in the Life
Life comes with many challenges for animals in the wild, and we are going to learn all about them! Animals must learn how to find food, find shelter, and be able to survive in the world. Meet some zoo animals and learn what it takes to survive!
ThursdayMetamorphosis Magic
From frog to tadpole or caterpillar to butterfly there are some magical transformations in the animal world and we are going to learn all about it!
FridayLong Live the Animals
Who is the oldest animal at the zoo? In this camp we are going to meet some of our older animals and learn about how our zookeepers take care of animals as they age.
4th-6th Grade Topics
Ology A to Z:
The world of science has so many specialties and we want to learn them all – A through Z! Join us as tackle apiology through zoology and lean all about the zoo, our animals, and how we take care of them. Choose your favorite “ology” day or join us all week for the whole alphabet!
MondayOlogy A to Z: Apiology, Biology, Ecology
Today will kick off our Ology week with activities on the study of bees (apiology), the study of trees (dendrology), and the study of animal behavior (ethology). We’ll learn about these ologies and more, and meet some amazing animals along the way!
Tuesday Ology A to Z: Felinology, Herpetology, Limnology
Today we will learn about big cats (felinology), frogs (herpetology), fish (icthyology), and so much more as we take on more ologies. We will go behind the scenes to learn hydrology and how we pump water throughout the zoo and get our bodies moving as we study kinesiology.
Wednesday Ology A to Z: Mammalogy, Oceanology, Ornithology
From mammals (mammalogy) to mushrooms (mycology) we have lots to study on another day of ologies. How can we help birds (ornithology) at the zoo and in our own backyards, and how does weather (meteorology) affect the ocean (oceanology) and the animals living in it?
Thursday Ology A to Z: Primatology, Radiology, Scatology
We’re studying bones (radiology), prehistoric animals (paleontology), what might make animals sick (parasitology), and don’t miss studying what comes out of animals (scatology). To top it all off we are meeting a primate (primatology) and learning how animals change over time (phenology).
Friday Ology A to Z: Serpentology, Toxicology, Zoology
From snakes (serpentology) to wood (xylology), we are finishing our week of ologies by learning how animals are related (taxonomy) and going behind the scenes to learn how we can keep them healthy (toxicology and vaccinology). Of course, our ology week would not be complete without learning about our favorite – Zoology!

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