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Press Release

Henry Vilas Zoo, Dragonfly Hot Yoga partnering for Yoga at the Zoo

May 12, 2014

Animals anxious to see how yoga poses named after them are really done

MADISON, Wis., May 12, 2014 – The Henry Vilas Zoo and Dragonfly Hot Yoga today announced the creation of Yoga at the Zoo, a summer program for both adults and families that even has the sloth excited.

Yoga at the Zoo begins May 15 and runs through September 30 and includes hour-long sessions for both adults and families.

“The zoo is delighted to partner with Megan and her Dragonfly team to bring yoga to the zoo,” said Alison Prange, executive director of the Friends of the Zoo. “Both the adult and family sessions provide unique opportunities to get to know the zoo better and to have a unique yoga experience.”

A portion of the proceeds from Yoga at the Zoo will benefit the Arctic Passage, which is under construction now. It will bring polar and grizzly bears back to the zoo and includes large, naturalistic environments that will enable zoo guests to see the seals swim underwater, the polar bears sleep in their den, or a grizzly bear catch a fish from a stream.

“We can’t think of a more distinctive place for yoga than the Henry Vilas Zoo,” said Megan Ryan Kaiser, owner of Dragonfly Hot Yoga. “It’s an exciting program that we hope will expose new people to the benefits of yoga and Dragonfly’s welcoming approach to it.”

Top Ten Reasons for Yoga at the Zoo

1. Maybe the animals will name a pose after you.
2. There’s nothing like having a tiger encouraging you when you’re doing his pose.
3. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the completion of the Arctic Passage.
4. Animals don’t judge.
5. Being outside intensifies the yoga experience.
6. The animals do yoga everyday, you just don’t know it.
7. There’s Yoga at the Zoo for both adults and families.
8. If you can’t do the Lion Pose, at least you can see them.
9. It still will be hot yoga outside at the zoo in August.
10. It’s a truly special experience, as the sessions are being held outside of regular zoo hours.

Morning and afternoon news producers, please note: Megan and Alison can help arrange previews of the Yoga at the Zoo program on the grounds of the zoo or in-studio.