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Press Release

5th Annual Winter Cycling Relay Challenge to Support Bringing the Bears Back to Your Henry Vilas Zoo

January 28, 2014

Winter can’t stop cyclists! SBR Coaching and Training Center will be hosting its Winter Cycling Relay Challenge on February 7th-8th in Verona. This year’s relay will benefit the Henry Vilas Zoo, and its ground-breaking Arctic Passage project which will bring the bears home to our zoo. Nine teams and over 200 cyclists will compete in a 24 hour indoor cycling relay to benefit Friends of the Zoo. Our community can get in on the action by coming out to support the Winter Cycling Relay challenge.

“We are so excited to be a part of bringing the bears back to Madison!” says Jessica Laufenberg, Owner of SBR Coaching and Training Center. “Cycling and the zoo go hand in hand when it comes to Madison traditions.” SBR hopes the community will get involved and support its fundraising efforts on behalf of the zoo.

“SBR Coaching is helping make our Arctic Passage project a reality, and through its one-of-a kind relay challenge will help us launch our final push to bring the bears back to Madison.” says Alison Prange, Executive Director of Friends of the Henry Vilas Zoo.

The Arctic Passage will be the biggest change the zoo has seen in its 100 year history. With dynamic new exhibits and a new indoor cafeteria, something the zoo has never had before, zoo guests will have the opportunity to observe the beauty of the Arctic as they dine. The Friends of the Zoo is very grateful for the support of SBR Coaching and Training Center, as well as from the rest of the community.