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Go Behind the Scenes!



Starting this May, you will now have the chance to come get a closer look at how we care for some of our most ardent diggers! Did you know that a single aardvark can dig faster than several people with shovels? Learn all about the adaptations that make these animals so unique during your tour that includes making your own animal enrichment!

ENRICHMENT [ en-rich-muhnt ] noun Enrichment in a Zoo allows animals to engage in natural behaviors and encourages them to be more active. It helps satisfy both their physical and psychological needs. In the wild, animals must find food, build a home, defend their territory, and escape predators. In Zoos, their needs are provided, which is why it is essential to create other methods of physical and mental stimulation. Enrichment helps keep minds active, stimulated and healthy.

On this tour, you will get the opportunity to see what types of enrichment we use here at the Zoo and you will have time to create your very own animal enrichment for one of our animals. We believe in giving our animals choices, and cannot guarantee animals will present themselves to be touched or fed. You will not receive a refund if an animal chooses not to be fed or touched.

Tours meet at the guest services building near the main entrance of the Zoo on the corner of Drake St and Randall Ave.

This tour is public. Max of 7 people per tour.

Please be on time for your tour. If you are more than 5 minutes late, we cannot guarantee you will be able to participate in the tour. End times are approximate and may shift due to the unpredictable nature of animals and animal choice.

Closed toed shoes are required for all tours. 


  • Tour the Green Barn! The Green Barn is located in the Children’s Zoo and houses Red Pandas, Gibbons, Aardvark, and Meerkats.
  • Pick out and create enrichment for our meerkat mob!
  • Pick out and create enrichment for our female aardvark, Aayla!

Length: 60 minute 

Cost: $60

Size: Max 7 people 

Ages: 3+

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