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(Closed) Remote Project: Sewing Stuffies for Survival

This project is now closed for the year.

Thank you so much to everyone who has signed up for this year’s Sewing Stuffies for Survival project!

Keep your eye out for our completed stuffies up for adoption during our Party for the Planet celebration on Saturday, April 22nd!

Each winter Henry Vilas Zoo volunteers transform our supply of event shirts into stuffed animals that raise money for a pre-determined conservation partner each year. This year we’ll be making <drum roll> rhinos! Finished rhinos will be available for adoption for our Party for the Planet celebration on April 22, 2023, and all proceeds will go to supporting our conservation partner: The International Rhino Foundation!

The Sewing Stuffies for Survival project (previously named the Zoo Bear/Zoo Giraffe projects), is HVZ’s largest remote volunteer project. We’re so happy to be able to include those who want to give back, but for whom time, distance or weather would otherwise be a barrier to volunteering.

I missed the sign-up deadline this year, but I want to get involved!

You can check out our other volunteer opportunities at